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Welcome to the Wine Project! A project with a simple mission - to re-introduce South African wine to Jordan.

After having lived in Southern Africa, sold countless amazing bottles at Cantina, our Mexican-inspired snack bar, and consumed way too many bottles to quantify ourselves - our love for wines of the Western Cape runs deep!!

We recently decided to venture out to Amman, Jordan and (naturally) noticed we couldn't just pick up a bottle of one of our old favorites. Worse still, in exploring the wines available here, we couldn't even get our hands on wines of a similar style, casualness, drinkability, and value - qualities that made us fall in love with South African wines to start with. By the way, that's including some of the South African options already available here.

And so the Wine Project was born - using our contacts in the hospitality industry in South Africa we decided that it was time that wines of the region got their fair representation in Jordan. We're talking good (real good), unpretentious, independently made, family run operations that first and foremost love their wine and want you to love it too. Wine with character, stories to tell, and above all else - wine you just want to drink over and over again. 

We import directly from the wineries in the Western cape, cut out any middle men and strongly believe in offering the fairest pricing possible. Our portfolio will change with each shipment so keep checking in with us for updates and developments as we look to re-introduce South African wine to Jordan!

P.S. Check out our hospitality services if you're an establishment looking to add some great South African bottles to your wine list. 

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