Reintroducing Chenin Blanc 🥂

After what seemed like forever, all the pieces are finally in place. Our website is live, daily deliveries have begun, and we are super excited to get going.

Today’s short piece focuses on Chenin Blanc - South Africa’s favorite grape, by far. Known as ‘Steen’ locally, and beloved for its versatility, it is the most widely planted grape variety in the country. Globally, Chenin is having a moment of reinvention and reintroduction (😉), proving to be a noble variety capable of producing world-class wines.

Most South African Chenin is made in the ‘Fresh & Fruity’ style. Meant to be consumed young, this is a refreshing and approachable style. Bright, fruit-forward aromas and flavors can range from tart Granny Smith apple, green plum and lime to more robust notes of ripe stone or tropical fruit, melon and clementine, with a touch of acidity.

There can also be lively herbal or floral characters, like orange blossom. Attractive nuances of fynbos—the Afrikaans term for the natural shrubs and vegetation that stretch across the Western Cape—often add a distinctly South African character to the bouquet, as do delicate mineral hints of slate, chalk and flint. We have four fantastic Chenins for you to explore (links below), including one by South Africa’s very own King of Chenin, Ken Forrester. Cheers!

Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc 2020

MAN Family Wines 'Free Run Steen' Chenin Blanc 2020

Kaapzicht Chenin Blanc 2021

Vondeling Petit Chenin Blanc 2020

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