An Intro to MAN Family Wines

MAN Family Wines is a dynamic value-driven South African brand featuring modern-style varietal wines. MAN was founded in 2001 by winemakers José Conde (of Stark-Condé Wines) and brothers Tyrrel and Philip Myburgh of (Joostenberg Wines). Together they named the company MAN, taking the first initials of their wives: Marie, Anette and Nicky.

The brand initially debuted with just 600 cases of Pinotage made in a small tractor shed, but today MAN produces over 250 000 cases and exports to more than 30 countries. The core product line consists of 3 white wines and 4 red wines, plus some additional market-specific items.

The MAN company fundamentals rest upon sustainable grape-growing and meticulous winemaking.

Co-founders José Conde and Tyrrel Myburgh both come from backgrounds in artisanal winemaking and so their goal was to take those experiences and apply it to the MAN brand on a larger scale.


A unique feature at MAN is a single-minded emphasis on top-quality grapes. MAN has a long-term collaboration with grape growers in the Agter-Paarl region. These growers collectively farm over 2000 hectares of prime low-yielding vineyards, including arguably the largest parcel of old-vine Chenin Blanc (older than 25 years) in the country. MAN head winemaker Riaan Moller works closely with the growers to ensure quality of a consistently high level.

The Agter-Paarl (“behind Paarl”) region is characterized by rolling hills and large pockets of deep shale soils. The area has a Mediterranean climate with cold, wet winters and long, dry summers. The vineyards are grown sustainably and are predominantly dry-farmed (planted without irrigation) which tends to yield grapes with an intensity of flavour. The growers in this region prefer traditional bush-vines which generally require less water. Summer winds during the warmer months help to prevent overheating and diseases in the vines, and also allows for minimal spraying in the vineyards.

White Wine

Chenin Blanc is a strong focus at MAN, making up approximately 25% of the total production. There has been a world-wide increase in the popularity of this quintessentially South African varietal. Chenin Blanc has an affinity for the deep shale soils of the vineyards sites and the resulting grapes have an intense flavour, with a strong minerality and good acidity. Due to the higher phenolic content of the dry-farmed, bush-vine Chenin Blanc, MAN uses only “free-run” juice which contributes to the fresh and fruity style of wine.

Red Wine

The Agter-Paarl region is also well-suited to the growing of red varietals and is particularly known as a top region for Pinotage, Syrah and other Mediterranean reds. Although it is less known for Bordeaux varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon accounts for approximately 40% of our total production and has been a focus for MAN since its early days.

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